Competitive Intelligence Solutions: Blindspots removed. Risks avoided. Opportunities conquered.

It’s great when business grows but so does complexity.

Also, more data and information becomes available in acceleration.

Strategic decision making requires actionable insights - all the time.

This is where I can help you:

As an Insightologist® I make sure that my clients have the perfect set of intelligence available at the exact right time.

This includes all decision making staff that rely on competitive and market insights.

Customer centricity, market awareness and competitive readiness will thrive.

How is this done, you  ask:

In practical terms I audit and improve my client’s insights skills, tools, deliverables and culture.

Evaluating the perfect software solution, implementing and linking with key decision making processes is another core offering.

For improved customer centricity I also specialize in Net Promoter Score driven continuous improvement programs.

Real change, real positive impact:

My clients tell me that they are now able to eliminate competitive blindspots and that they avoid threats and risks.

Also their customer centricity and improved market focus secure more sustainable business.

And finally they appreciate that they didn’t have to wait for years to build internal expertise; their insights system evolved while they were able to concentrate on their core activities.

I'm available for you:

When you can find yourself in the above situations why don’t you contact me right away so we can find out together how to make sure that you can take the best decisions for your business at all times.

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An Insightologist® is a professional in the competitive intelligence and strategic insights disciplines of economics. 

The Insightologist® also studies, develops, and applies theories and applicable concepts to maximize an organization's capabilities to evaluate, understand and anticipate the physics, psyche and dynamics of their chosen competitive arena.

In doing so the Insightologist® acts as an auditor of such capabilities, an advisor to master competitive intelligence disciplines and as an extension to implement world class strategic insights programs and deliverables.

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