You only need three key ingredients for your competitive intelligence system


Trifecta competitive intelligence system and process

Competitive intelligence software selection, competitive intelligence digitalization
Competitive intelligence skills, competitive intelligence capabilities, competitive intelligence excellence
Effective competitive intelligence management, a ctionable competitive intelligence through competitive intelligence process excellence


Which competitive intelligence software fills our needs best to monitor and anticipate the market?


Which skills will help us best to create actionable competitive intelligence to compete better?



How can we support and enable decision makers most efficiently and effectively?


Sustainable success needs systematic competitive intelligenceInsightologist®.


From intuitive decision-making to facts-based leadership.


What CEO's want: Actionable Intelligence

In the recent global c-suite study by IBM with more than 1'800 Chief Information Officers an overwhelming majority rates competitive intelligence with digitalization and skills development highest as their top priorities in the coming years:


This is exactly what the Insightologist® offers: to help clients mastering the shift from intuitive decision-making to fact-based leadership, using competitive intelligence that is provided by skilled professionals, supported by state-of-the-art insights digitalization.

If you want to identify the optimal digitalization solution, improve your competitive intelligence skills and process to shift from intuitive to fact-based decision-making:

Read on to find independent, unbiased support in evaluating and implementing the optimal competitive intelligence software, to upgrade your competitive intelligence and market analysis team's capabilities and to improve your business decision processes.


What if you don't have the resources and experience? They are all here.


Profit from decades of practical experience.

Competitive intelligence automation through competitive intelligence digitalization and competitive intelligence software solutions
Competitive intelligence skills development, competitive intelligence excellence
Actionable competitive intelligence through competitive intelligence process excellence


Helping you to identify the optimal digital solution according to your specific competitive intelligence needs.

Setting up and executing the implementation project.


Auditing your function's and staff's capabilities to meet more demanding competitive intelligence challenges.

Supporting skill build-up and recruiting.

Best Decisions

Reviewing and aligning key decision making processes to feed competitive intelligence to decision makers.

Defining actionable intelligence parameters.


Establishing and upgrading your systematic competitive intelligenceInsightologist®.


Independent and unbiased. Blending the best ingredients and methods WITH you. 


Automation through competitive intelligence digitalization 

When you decide to replace the manual market analysis and competitive intelligence process with a software based digitalized tool and output, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the options and how they fit your needs.
Help is here:

  • Status quo, needs and gap analysis
  • Independent, unbiased systems selection
  • Project planning, controlling and (co-)execution

Planning and executing a competitive intelligence digitalization project

Function excellence through upgraded capabilities

Generating actionable intelligence from market research and competitive analysis requires special skills by the staff and excellence in the competitive intelligence function.
Help is here:

  • Establish status quo, needs and gap analysis
  • Define actionable improvement program
  • Organize, support, execute recruiting

Establish, develop and improve a market and competitive intelligence function and skills 

Best decisions through process effectiveness 

Many key decision making processes require actionable competitive intelligence and validated facts. Efficient and effective content flow and alignment is paramount.
Help is here:

  • Review of key decision making processes
  • Alignment of intelligence supply into decision making
  • Performance and impact control

Business and marketing processes that require competitive intelligence process excellence


Don't allow your competitor to have better competitive intelligenceInsightologist®.


Experienced and qualified to serve your needs. The proof is in the eating.

At Novartis: Marketing Communications and Advertising
At Ciba Specialty Chemicals: Market and Competitive Intelligence Excellence
At BASF: Market and Competitive Intelligence Excellence
At Lonza: Global Marketing Leadership, Marketing Communications, Market & Competitive Intelligence Excellence in Pharma, Biotech and Bioscience Solutions
At LTS Lohmann: Competitive Intelligence Function Excellence
At / Swiss Association Market Research Competitive Intelligence Strategic Planning: Presidency, Digital Marketing Strategy, Website and Logo Design and Strategic Planning and Competitive Intelligence.
At Autoneum: Competitive Intelligence Software Solution Selection and Competitive Intelligence System Implementation
At Oerlikon: Global Marketing and Campaigns Leadership, Marketing Strategy and Marketing Excellence
Incredibly well-planned and targeted to our needs. The recommendations for improvements were very valuable and realistic to implement
— Iris Schnitzler, Global Head of Marketing
Extreme sense of professionalism ... leadership in the Competitive Intelligence community is second to none and aspirational to those that look for guidance, assistance and direction
— Michel Bernaiche, Director, Program Development
Established the fundamentals of Market intelligence ... enabling dramatic progresses in marketing management ... vision, creativity, relentless drive for results makes the difference
— Bruno Sallé de Chou, Founder & CEO
Incredibly reliable, remarkable guidance and suggestions, deadlines an utmost priority ... tremendous expertise in competitive intelligence
— Yannick Dubel, Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Take advantage of vast experience in competitive intelligenceInsightologist®.

My name is Jens Thieme, Insightologist®, Founder & Principal of Opportunis, former president and board member of the Swiss Association for Market Research, Competitive Intelligence and Strategic Planning ( and former board of directors member of the Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals Association (SCIP).

Experience: 27+ years of marketing leadership functions within global blue chip corporations; board memberships and committee leadership at global and national market analysis and competitive intelligence associations and from starting and running several online entities and my own company.

Throughout my career I assembled, executed and led countless projects in marketing and specifically in competitive intelligence including large scale digitalization programs.

I worked in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Switzerland and Germany in life science, specialty chemicals, Pharma, biotech and bioscience solutions and run projects in other key industries like automotive and surface solutions.

As a published practitioner, project manager, department leader, key decision maker and entrepreneur in all marketing functions and competitive intelligence disciplines I offer a tremendous experience blend.

Philosophy: actionable and impacting competitive intelligence is not a single tool or analysis. It is the concerted set of activities to answer "so what" questions in response to a decision need.

Having operated for decades in the entire strategic decision making value chain (from market researcher, competitive analyst, market developer, strategic planner, to executive, leader, decision maker and entrepreneur within large corporations, non-profit associations, marketing think tanks and my own consultancy) prepares me to offer a complete systematic approach to the improvement of your competitive intelligence needs.

Your success in your competitive intelligence improvement programs and projects will directly improve your key business decisions and their results. I will ensure that success and impact.

Please contact me and feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile.

I am looking forward to discuss your needs in establishing or improving the best competitive intelligence program for you. Phone: +41 79 249 5921.

Also available as a public speaker, offering marketing and competitive intelligence workshops, coaching sessions and presentations.

Insightologist® Jens Thieme for your best competitive intelligence.

UPDATE: Since 2016 I have been working with OC Oerlikon as the Head of Group Digital Marketing & Communications and since 2018 as a co-founder and core team member of the Oerlikon Digital Hub in Munich, also responsible for Digital Marketing & Communities.

Jens Thieme 2019 in the Oerlikon Digital Hub Munich. Digital Marketing & Communities.

Jens Thieme 2019 in the Oerlikon Digital Hub Munich. Digital Marketing & Communities.

Therefore the Insightologist® activities are mothballed indefinitely.

An Insightologist® is a professional in the competitive intelligence and strategic insights disciplines of economics.

The Insightologist® also studies, develops, and applies theories and applicable concepts to maximize an organization's capabilities to evaluate, understand and anticipate the physics, psyche and dynamics of their chosen competitive arena.

In doing so the Insightologist® acts as an auditor of such capabilities, an advisor to master competitive intelligence disciplines and as an extension to implement world class strategic insights programs and deliverables.


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