Automation through competitive intelligence digitalization 

When you decide to replace the manual market analysis and competitive intelligence process with a software based digitalized tool and output, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the options and how they fit your needs.
Help is here:

  • Status quo, needs and gap analysis
  • Independent, unbiased systems selection
  • Project planning, controlling and (co-)execution

Planning and executing a competitive intelligence digitalization project

Function excellence through upgraded capabilities

Generating actionable intelligence from market research and competitive analysis requires special skills by the staff and excellence in the competitive intelligence function.
Help is here:

  • Establish status quo, needs and gap analysis
  • Define actionable improvement program
  • Organize, support, execute recruiting

Establish, develop and improve a market and competitive intelligence function and skills 

Best decisions through process effectiveness 

Many key decision making processes require actionable competitive intelligence and validated facts. Efficient and effective content flow and alignment is paramount.
Help is here:

  • Review of key decision making processes
  • Alignment of intelligence supply into decision making
  • Performance and impact control

Business and marketing processes that require competitive intelligence process excellence


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